Why You Need Circles

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Circles will help grow all the relationships in your social circle

Have you ever moved into an apartment with new roommates and only got to know them a little bit before it was one of their birthdays and then wished you remembered what their favorite candy or ice cream was? Or have you been at work and had a conversation with your manager about their family and then later wished you remembered their names so that you could show your manager that you really did listen and you do care? We have all been there before.

Circles is a mobile app that helps you keep track of all the important bits and pieces that add up to rich, rewarding relationships. Now, you might be wondering why you would need something like this when there are other social media platforms that help you stay connected with people in one way or another. With other apps, you maintain a superficial relationship or friendship. You only see what is happening in someone’s life when they post or a reminder pops up that tells you it is their birthday. With Circles, you have access to those things but also more!

Circles allows you to keep tabs on the people you meet and let’s face it, there’s a zoo-full of people that we come across in our lifetime. Need to remember a birthday? Put it in Circles. A new friend told you what their favorite food to eat when they’re sick is and now they’re sick? Good thing you captured it in Circles and you are able to bring their favorite food!

Dale Carnegie said, “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” Whether it is someone whom you just met that remembers what you told them about yourself or an old friend that you have not seen in some time that asks you how your family is doing, it feels good to be remembered and to know you are important to that person. Like Carnegie said, the best way to help someone feel important is by being interested in them.

How does Circles help you do this? The Circles App empowers you to capture information you need to nurture better relationships. Not only can you take note of someone’s birthday, hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc (we like to call these factoids), you are able to use Circles to remember those things and then act on them. If you see that one of your friends has a birthday coming up, you can send them a birthday card through Circles and with the notes you have about them, you can ask about their new job or family or whatever it may be! There are different options for you to gift to others depending on their factoid and what they like or are interested in; whether it be cookies, flowers, tickets to an event or even jewelry. When your friend receives this gift from you instead of a wall-post or belated text, they will feel more loved and cared about. Your relationship will be strengthened and enriched.

Circles helps you nurture and cultivate relationships and sincerely show your friends that you care about them, and who doesn’t want to feel cared for? Show your friends and family that you love them and how important they are to you. Take care of the people in your network. 

So, try it out!