What is InstaZoo?

You can use ZooWho to help simplify your social media. ZooWho is an app that captures the unique and special details of your friends, family or business associates and enables you to nurture those relationships through active engagement. One of the many ways that ZooWho helps you to nurture those relationships is through the InstaZoo feature. 

InstaZoo is a tool to help you to keep track all of the people in your close circle. Simply add the Instagram username of anyone with a public profile. With the InstaZoo, you are able to scroll through your feed and only see the posts of those closest to you.

You no longer have to quickly scroll past those accounts that you planned on unfollowing but haven’t gotten around to it yet. The InstaZoo features makes it easier to stay up to date on all of the people in your close circle and not miss seeing their posts. 

For example, CEO, Sean Bair, follows over 900 people on Instagram. He uses the InstaZoo feature to select those accounts that he wants in his InstaZoo so that he does not miss any of their posts!

The InstaZoo is a collection of photos of the most recent posts from the accounts you have listed in the InstaZoo. When you click a photo in the InstaZoo it pulls up the whole post in Instagram so that you can see more information like the caption, hashtags used, likes and comments. 

Another feature to help you be more engaged in the lives of those most important to you is the live Twitter feed. You can connect to a Zoobee’s Twitter account and then whenever they “tweet” that post will show up on their Zoobee profile!

Again, this helps you to never miss a post by someone that is important to you. When you follow a lot of different celebrities, athletes, influencers, etc. on Twitter you can easily scroll by one of your Zoobee’s tweets about a goal they have accomplished or a story that they shared. But with the live Twitter feed, you can avoid that! Below are examples of what the live Twitter feed looks like on a Zoobee’s profile.

Stay tuned for more! In the future we hope to have a Facebook integration as well. To those you care about, you’re not just one of their followers, you’re a friend.