We Are ZooWho!

Media Communications Manager

Factoid: Produces and composes music
Goals: Become a judge

Brayden B.
Social Media Manager
Factoid: Loves to fish
Goals: Visit all 30 MLB parks
Bridget N.
Product Marketing Manager

Factoid: From Alaska

Goals: Get a masters degree

Claire S.
Software Engineer

Factoid: Snowboarding junkie
Goals: Visit every continent

Hunter D.
Software Development Manager

Factoid: Lost 200 pounds to get healthy
Goals: 40 countries before 40

Daniel T.
sean with turtleneck

Factoid: Southpaw

Factoid: Should've been a F1 driver

Goals: Help people connect

Sean B.
Business Strategy Manager

Factoid: Tinkerer/Inventor
Goals: Become conversationally fluent in Japanese

Seth B.
Social Media Manager

Factoid: Speaks Finnish
Goals: Learn how to juggle

Taylor H.

Our Mission

Our Mission at ZooWho is to help you capture the unique and special details about your friends, family, and business associates that enable you to nurture those relationships through active engagement.

Principles of ZooWho


Capturing rich details about individuals in your social circle to form a real connection and solid base for the relationship.


Nurturing connections through maintaining up-to-date notes, goals, details, and interests that can stimulate action such as gifts or events to deepen the relationship.


Regular interaction helped by active reminders to email, message, or call to engage with others in your social circle for real growth of the relationship.

ZooWho Factoids

Average Height at ZooWho

The average height of all employees at ZooWho is 5' 10"

Glasses at ZooWho

2/3 of the employees at ZooWho wear glasses

Languages Spoken at ZooWho

Currently ZooWho has three languages spoken with fluency English, Spanish, and Finnish

One Outlet

ZooWho's first office only had one outlet shared between six employees

World Travel

ZooWho's employees have traveled to 16 countries and counting.

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