Manage Friendships:

The ZooWho profiles are the ultimate tool for strengthening friendships. On just one page you can view your friends’ social media, write and remember Factoids with the details tab, and never let a friendship fade with the contact frequency bar. 

Create events that show how much time you have to send a card or gift, helping you to be the best friend in any social circle. 

Contact profile
Organize your Contacts:

Get a summary of your relationships, all in one place. The Zoobees tab shows you everything you wish your contacts app could. Keep in touch with your friends with the progress bar, stay in the loop on your friends’ interests and goals, and never forget another birthday, event, or experience. 

View your Information in the Hub:

The Hub is your one-stop shop for relationship management. Take every opportunity to nurture friendships with a gift or some quality time, courtesy of ZooWho’s convenient event summary. 

Stay educated with relationships statistics you can’t get anywhere else, and access the rest of ZooWho’s exciting features, using the Hub on ZooWho’s truly social social networking app.

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