What’s New: Circles

You can now group your connections into Circles based on common interest such as “Family,” “Friends,” “Services,” “Customers,” “Work,” etc.
We have completely changed the look and feel of the app!

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Everything in One Place

Each connection’s profile has room for everything you want to jot down. From your contact’s profile you can:

  • Write notes, details, and factoids
  • Keep track of their goals, wants, and needs
  • Connect feeds from their social media accounts
  • Set goals for contact frequency
  • Track your success with your contact goals
  • Contact your connection by text, call, or email
  • List which other contacts are connected

Watch a video walkthrough here.

Group Text and Email

Seamlessly select connections from your list and send a group message. Sending a messages to your circle has never been so easy and efficient. 

Never Lose Touch

Never forget another birthday or other opportunity to reach out. When you create a new date on a connections’s profile you can choose when and how you want to be reminded. Options include email and push notifications at the intervals that work best for you. 

Search Everything

Never lose track of notes you’ve kept about a connection. Search any and every note or name through the connection page. This can help you quickly find and contact connections grouped by interest, job, or circle. 

Import Contacts

Getting started with Circles is easy. When you create an account you’ll be prompted to import as many (or as few) contacts straight from your phone’s address book. Your contacts are safe and protected. We never sell data. Read our privacy policy here

Available on iOS and Android

Give it a try! ZooWho is free for individual use. Download today!

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