Friends locations maps out the locations of friends across the United States, quickly showing where your social circle is most concentrated.

Zoobees tally is a great way to remember how many important relationships are in your social circle.

Who's Who in Your Zoo?
Search and Analyze

Upcoming events makes it easy to nurture relationships through active engagement. The upcoming events feature a countdown to the event and the gift button which allows for quick acknowledgement of your Zoobee’s special day.

Other features of the hub are contact frequency, which quickly shows how well you are doing at keeping in contact with the people in your social circle and friends ages which tracks the average ages within your network.

The ZooWho profiles are the ultimate tool for strengthening friendships. Features of this page include:

Messaging, Calling and Emailing provide quick access to communication with each Zoobee.

Zoobee Profile
FINAL SCREEN SHOTS - profile top

Last in Touch with manual update track the last time you had contact with each Zoobee.

Contact Frequency sets goals about desired contact frequency from daily to yearly frequencies.

Progress Report Bar shows to what degree goals are being met.

Dates track all of the notable events in each Zoobees life.

Details remember key things about your connection.

Social organizes accounts from facebook, twitter, instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and others all in one place.

Contact keep track of all the different methods of communication from personal or work.

Zoobee Profile Cont..
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Photos and Videos organize videos and photos related to each specific contact.

Related Zoobees shows the inner connections of your social circle.

Factoids input minor details that help to actively engage with each Zoobee.

Goals, Wants and Needs record all of the important information about what each contact is working towards.

Notes provides a section for any other notes you may need to keep track of your social circle.

More Than Just Reminders
calendar with gifting

ZooWho Calendar tab makes it easy to see important upcoming events such as Birthdays, Anniversarys, Graduations, etc.

This feature makes it easy to always be a step ahead in preparing to acknowledge an important experience, and nurture your relationship with them.

Federated search function allows you to quickly find people by notes that you made.

Zoobees can be organized alphabetically, according to contact frequency, or pinned as VIP’s to show up at the top.

Contacts Done Right
 Relationship status indicators keep track of how well you are meeting your contact frequency goals.
Track location, factoids and goals for each Zoobee.

Instazoo tracks all of the people in your close circle. Simply add the Instagram username of anyone with a public profile. With the Instazoo you no longer need to scroll through feeds searching for the people closest to you.


Never miss an Instagram post from someone in your inner circle. ZooWho streamlines your social media feed, creating a customized social media experience (private Instagram accounts will not be visible).

The Best Gifts For Every Occasion
Affiliates screenshot

ZooWho gifting features allows users to sort through a variety of affiliates and send the perfect gift.

ZooWho allows you to customize what kinds of notifications you would like to recieve for important events. You can set when you want to be notifiied before an event. You can also choose between e-mail and push notifications.