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7 Best Personal CRMs in 2020

What's a personal CRM?

How To Network: Simple and Easy Tips

Tips on how to be better at networking

How to Be a Better Friend

Genuine advice about how to be a genuine friend

The Power of I Am

Two of the most powerful words that we can speak are “I am”

200 Timeless Friendship Quotes

“Be true to your work, your word, and your friends.” -Henry David Thoreau

ZooWho: Your Personal Assistant

Making people feel special

How Not to Lose a Friend in 10 Days

Friendship is the bedrock to a happy life

Serving in Small Ways

One of the best ways to build a relationship is by serving people

Bad Relationship Culture

Stop enabling toxic environments

Lefties Are Only Right in the Head

Being left-handed has its advantages

Six Degrees of Separation Theory

Connecting with the people you have always dreamed of

Why You Need ZooWho

ZooWho will help grow all the relationships in your social circle

How to Make People Like You

6 Steps to Building Relationships

Real Relationships Take Effort

Winning Friends the ZooWho Way

Redefining How We Manage Our Relationships with ZooWho

Never Miss an Anniversary, Birthday, or Opportunity to Connect with This Relationship-Building App

ZooWho is like a CRM for Your Personal Life

This Relationship-Nurturing App Will Help You Be a Better Friend

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ZooWho Uses Technology to Grow Your Personal Relationships, Not Distance Them