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200 Quotes About Friendship

The average American knows 600 people. That is a lot of people and a lot of details to remember about them. It can be overwhelming and hard to be a good friend but with ZooWho that all becomes easier! Here are 200 quotes about friendship and hopefully you will find one that fits you and […]

The Power of “I Am”

Two of the most powerful words that we can speak are “I am,” as they are often followed by descriptors of ourselves that are self-proclaimed. As loaded as the words “I am” are, how often do they precede a positive statement? The last time you were faced with a problem did you think “I am […]

ZooWho: Your Personal Assistant

Making people feel special Meryl Streep in the Oscar winning movie, “The Devil Wears Prada,” plays the part of an overbearing, rude, and humiliating editor-in-chief of Runway Magazine, who has two personal assistants to cater to her every whim. What I wouldn’t give to have that! Her two assistants remember important dates, facts and details on […]

How Not to Lose a Friend in 10 Days

Friendship is the bedrock to a happy life Have you ever seen the movie, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”? If you have not, here is a quick summary of what happens: Kate Hudson plays the part of a columnist, named Andy, and she has the assignment to find a guy and start […]

Serving In Small Ways

When someone gives their time to talk to us and gives us information about themselves, it is important we treat their words as sacred information not to be thrown away. One of the best ways to build a relationship is by serving people because it shows them you care. You don’t need to provide them a car or build them a house, […]

Only Lefties Are Right In The Head

Being left-handed has its advantages As you read this article consider how you began your day. You may have woken up and reached for your phone to check the weather, the local news, whatever. You may not have even noticed that your mobile device is configured especially for a right-handed person. The main buttons are […]

Six Degrees of Separation Theory

Connecting with the people you have always dreamed of Have you ever dreamed about meeting your favorite author, actor, or activist? Well you can, and it may be simpler that you thought. You may have heard before that through just six connections you can know anybody in the world, or the Six Degrees of Separation […]

Bad Relationship Culture

Stop enabling toxic environments Your daily schedule is probably to wake up, go to your 9-5 job, work your heart out, head home, rinse and repeat. This is the reality for the majority of people in the world. According to studies, the average person changes jobs 12 times or more during their career. On top […]

Why You Need ZooWho

ZooWho will help grow all the relationships in your social circle Have you ever moved into an apartment with new roommates and only got to know them a little bit before it was one of their birthdays and then wished you remembered what their favorite candy or ice cream was? Or have you been at […]