Who’s who in your zoo?

ZooWho is an app that captures the unique and special details of your friends, family or business associates and enables you to nurture those relationships through active engagement.

The average American knows 600 people.
But how well do you really know them?

The amount of people we interact with on a daily basis can make us feel like
we’re living in a zoo. ZooWho records the details you need to enrich these
relationships, and better care for those in your social circle.

who's who in your zoo

Capture, Remember, and Act.

A good relationship is made up of a million little things; details that you remember and then follow up on. However, modern media often reduces important relationships to surface-level interactions, or a simple name and number in our phone book. ZooWho helps you keep track of all the important bits and pieces that add up to rich, rewarding relationships.

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Nurture Better Relationships

We empower you with the information you need to make meaningful connections.

Strengthen Relationships
Strengthen Relationships
Build Business
Build Business
Better Care for Each Other
Better Care for Each Other
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